Life under Lockdown Online Photo Exhibition

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woman holdingcamera

Julia Uttley and Dave Burnham put the exhibition together and they thought the following shots were particularly striking:


Everyday PPE Visor by Megan Williams

A lovely, honest and direct self-portrait that reminds us of the risks and discomfort our care staff are facing on the health front line.


Unexpected Holiday by David Williams
Who doesn’t love a cute animal shot? This captures really well the characterful and melancholic expressions of these donkeys.


My Nanny is an NHS here by Katie Scott
Bright, sharp and with good lighting, this is a gorgeous shot of a smiling baby, happily sporting its t-shirt to show the family’s support of their Nanny. 


Mothers’ Day Sanitary Towel Mask by Kelly Godwin
This is funny and brave, overcoming any self-consciousness that Kelly may have had at the time. In a way its suggestive of how many of us are overcoming fears of seeing ourselves “on screen” with video conferencing technology to stay in touch with loved ones.  


Taking Nanna Some Shopping by Laine Jeffries

The emotions so many of us are feeling right now are so apparent in this shot. Good choice of black and white as it accentuates the tenderness of the moment.

Queueing in line by Darren Garner

This is a very stylish shot of a scene that is familiar to us all nowadays. With the clear lines and angles, this architectural shot works perfectly in black and white.



Thank you to everyone who sent photographs