Are you interested in joining a writing project with a difference during August? Live from Worktown, the Bolton-based community arts organisation, is looking for people who would like to walk in the footsteps of one the town’s most successful authors, Bill Naughton (pictured below).  Bill, who died 25 years ago, is known for his classic short stories, stage plays and film scripts including ‘Spring and Port Wine’ and ‘Alfie’, but developed his writing skills as an observer for the Mass Observation project which took place in the town between 1938 and 1940.

bill naughton

Observers discretely recorded the behaviour and language of everyday Boltonians in everyday places, from work place, sports field, chip shops, pubs, chapels, and union meetings. A major collection of their writing is held by Bolton Library and Museums Service. Now Live from Worktown is looking to work with two groups of modern day observers over four weeks in August  with the aim to get some of their modern observations in the new Live from Worktown anthology to be published in November.

Dave Morgan, of Live from Worktown’ said ‘we are looking for a group of eight young people in their teens, who will work through the Xpress Urself Youth Project at Commerce House, and a group of eight older residents who will meet at the Fusion Centre in Tonge Moor’. Meetings will be held each Thursday in August; the youth group will meet from 10.30-12.30 and the older group will meet from 1.30-3.30. The tutor for both groups will be Julie McKiernan. At the end of the four weeks both groups will meet and share their observations. Selected pieces will go in the new anthology. There is no charge for the project thanks to support from Bolton at Home and Bolton Library and Museum Service.

For more information contact Ryan O’Sullivan of Xpress Urself  (07763056234 or ) or Dave Morgan (07954996826 or )