Feb 7


Below are the events that happened in 2021 so far

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Feb 7


Below are the events that happened in 2020

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Feb 11


This was another eventful year with lots of activity and events, from Jazz to Cabaret to theatre and film...

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Apr 15


Sunday 15 April 2018 : Bolton School Music Centre

The Jamil Sheriff Quartet performed the world premiere of Rafe’s Dilemma, commissioned by Live from Worktown as part of its Bill Naughton’s Bolton Season.

  Live from Worktown proudly announced the premiere of this specially commissioned suite, Rafe’s Dilemma, written and performed by leading jazz performer and composer, Jamil Sheriff (pictured)..

 Jamil is now Director of Jazz Composition at Leeds Music School but has fronted bands playing in all the major jazz venues and festivals and as far afield as China. Rafe’s Dilemma takes its inspiration from Naughton’s Spring and Port Wine (1970).

Rafe Crompton, played by James Mason in the film, was a northern working class domestic tyrant, and the film dwells on his relationship with each member of his family, as the 60’s begin to swing.


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Sep 1

Events 2017

    The Jazz sessions at Harvey's Cafe Bar continued on a more or less monthly basis as follows:   29th Jan 2017 - Born to be Blue with the Dean Masser Quartet 26th Feb 2017 - Carnival night with Cuba Vida 26th Mar 2017 - Rosie Brown: Tribute to Bobby Wellins and the contemporary song book 30th Apr 2017 - Modjango: April in Paris... Manouche Cafe Jazz 28th May 2017 - Blind Monk Trio played some seriously cool jazz. 2nd July 2017 - Jeremy Sassoon Quartet 27th Aug 2017 - Carnival night with Cuba Vida - part of Bolton's food and drink festival 24th Sep 2017 - Dean Masser Quartet 29th Oct 2017 - The Gelatos

Unfortunately, Harvey's closed two days after the Gelatos gig on 31st October and we moved the last two events of the year to Lincoln's Grill and Bar in St Andrew's Court (opposite Harvey's)

26th Nov 2017 - Paul Bibby's Soundsphere 17th Dec 2017 - Alan Taylor Quartet Christmas Special Read more