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Mass Observation Worktown Study (Reel 33, Box 42D)

 A Play: a brief description of a Cricket Match, Author unnamed, but Volunteer recording it was John Somerfield

 The match was between and team of men against a team of women. Characters include: Lord Faughsskinner, Poppy Tupper, Phil Chambers, Miss Friggitt, Miss Virga Intacta, John Everhard, Major Toole, Ophelia Pratt, Mrs Phillpot, Miss Hyam Ready and Lady Comewell.

England womens cricket team in 1934 35

 Phrases used in the play include:

 ‘beautiful length but his balls inclined to bump’

‘long one that appeared to break back in her crease’

‘return match with the ladies on top for a change’

 This is in the same section as John Sommerfield’s collection of swear words he heard walking down Bradshawgate on a Sunday. The swear words he heard 80 years ago are pretty much the same as the swear words heard today.


Dave Burnham for Live from Worktown